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The Emphasis Is on Performance

A guiding principle of ISNE has always been to deliver profitable results by bringing together the highest-performing agencies. We understand the value of volume. But focusing on size alone is not always what is best for the independent agencies. Combining volume and profitability is how ISNE continues to deliver best-in-class overall contingency and commissions programs.

How does ISNE ensure it remains a group of like-minded agencies committed to growth and profitability over everything else? The high standards for performance are established well before an agency becomes part of the network. There is a selective agency invitation process, which includes a thorough evaluation of an agency’s historical performance. Then, once in the group, agencies are held accountable for maintaining a track record of profitability and growth via ISNE’s unique performance management routine, which was designed to encourage quality over quantity.

Our Performance Management Process

This process was designed to provide transparency and accountability. Each participant knows where they stand with each insurance company and where they stand vis-à-vis other participants. Following are the key steps to ISNE’s disciplined performance management approach:

Annual Planning Meeting with Agencies

ISNE participants provide timely and thoughtful input into ISNE’s annual planning process and are accountable for driving their agency’s contribution to the plan.

Performance Planning Meetings with Carriers

The ISNE team, made up of our Executive Director, Company Relations Committee Chair, and company liaisons, collaborates with each preferred carrier partner to develop an annual performance plan.

Monthly Performance Reviews with Agencies

By reviewing an agency’s individual performance plan monthly, we can ensure that any gaps versus goals are examined and, if needed, develop additional strategies to help achieve established objectives.

Quarterly Performance Meetings with Agencies

Each ISNE participant is provided with quarterly updates on carrier performance, plans, and compensation.

Midyear Planning Meetings with Agencies and Carriers

All ISNE carrier partners and agency participants meet midway through the year for a performance update, fostering relationships through collaboration, communication, and transparency.

Annual Preferred Partner Survey by Agencies for Carriers

To support one of ISNE’s principles—partnering for success—we provide our preferred carriers with feedback from agencies on their performance and competitive ranking.

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