Centralized Placement

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Help Finding Quality Solutions to Meet Clients’ Needs

Through Centralized Placement, the unique brokerage arm of ISNE, a participating agency can broaden their access to top-quality insurance companies that offer a wide range of risk management solutions and services for home and business owners, private client individuals or families, and more. This can make it substantially easier to find a good match for a client’s insurance requirements, even a client that is especially hard to place.

The Centralized Placement team is deeply familiar with all ISNE preferred carriers, and their products and risk appetite, because they have worked with these companies consistently for years. As an ISNE agency, you can take advantage of their knowledgeable guidance every step of the way, from initial inquiry to application submission and, ultimately, final proposal of terms.

With ISNE’s Centralized Placement at Your Disposal, You May Be Able to Increase Your Business Opportunities

Based on our extensive market knowledge and historical experience with carriers, our team carefully evaluates agency submissions and provides a fast turnaround so you can quickly communicate the results to your client. Following are the steps a submission usually takes:

Agency Submits Inquiry for ISNE Review

While one member of Centralized Placement is assigned to lead the process for a submission, every person on the team has detailed knowledge of the risk. This ensures that an agency will have multiple ISNE professionals who can assist them at any point in the process.

ISNE Provides Agency with Response

Agencies will hear from the Centralized Placement team within a day of an inquiry. The team will confirm if there are ISNE preferred partners that meet the client’s needs and, if so, ask for a formal application.

Agency Submits Formal Application to ISNE

The Centralized Placement team reviews the formal application and ensures it meets submission guidelines. This is where our experience really pays off because we can quickly identify any information that is missing or insufficient, which could hold up the process.

ISNE Identifies Best Carrier Matches for Submission

Centralized Placement may identify one carrier that is a fit. Or, in other cases, there may be several companies that should be able to meet the client’s requirements. An agency can lean on this team of professionals to narrow down multiple carrier options, or the agency can let the Centralized Placement team know where to send an application.

ISNE Submits Application to Carrier and Acts as Mediator

While Centralized Placement takes responsibility for much of the legwork, our team is completely transparent with the agency throughout the process. For example, if the carrier requests more information for an application, the team provides the agency with the exact communication from the carrier. In the spirit of efficiency and transparency, the agency will always know what the Centralized Placement team knows.

Agency Receives Carrier Decision on Application

If an agency’s application is approved, our team will provide the agency with a written proposal of terms for the quote and ensure the application gets across the finish line with the carrier. We also provide complete transparency if an application is declined and can help an agency rethink how it may be able to get approved in the future.

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