Benefits of Joining ISNE

Find out why we are the network of choice for high-performing agencies.

Focused on Delivering the Most Value Possible

There are many reasons ISNE could be the right network for your agency, and at the top of the list is our long track record of best-in-class performance and financial returns. How has ISNE been able to deliver these results year after year?

As a professionally managed group of high-performing independent insurance agencies, ISNE has the experience, knowledge, and capabilities required to drive consistent revenue growth for its participants. Through a detailed performance management approach, an exceptionally selective agency invitation process, and an efficient, low-cost operating model, ISNE is able to return, on average, two times the contingency income to agencies.

All Agencies Pay the Same Annual Membership Fee and Receive the Same Compensation Factors

This supports our principles of equality and pay for performance.

Access to Over 100 Standard Markets

You get to take advantage of ISNE’s strong relationships with best-in-class insurance carriers and gain enormous value from the network’s collective bargaining power and expert contract negotiations.

100% of Commissions and Overrides

You benefit from ISNE’s low-cost operating model, which helps maximize agency ROI and makes it possible for all participating agencies to be eligible to receive 100% of the network’s profit sharing, direct commissions, overrides, and incentives.

Professional Support to Help You Maintain Your Independence

You gain the support of an experienced professional management team that is invested in your agency and will collaborate with you on a personalized annual performance plan with custom growth and profit goals by carrier to help accelerate your successes.

Equal Say in the Future Direction of the Network

You join a network with a democratic voting process, in which every voice and opinion matter greatly. You’re invited to attend quarterly meetings, provide input during the annual planning process, support marketing plans, and join ISNE committees when possible.

Shared Information and Intelligence

You will interact with a wide variety of agencies, all of whom are committed to the same values of collaboration and teamwork and the goals of profitability and growth. Additionally, you will receive timely notifications of new products, special incentives, and more.

Centralized Placement Expertise

You can work with ISNE’s carrier-specific specialist to get advice and help accessing markets your agency does not have a direct appointment with, including wholesale brokers for harder-to-place, unique, or high-capacity risks.

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What Else Would You Like to Know about ISNE?

Whether you’re looking to transition from your current network or considering joining one for the first time, it is important that we share all the information you need to make an informed decision to join ISNE.

Get answers to some of the most common questions agencies have about the ISNE network and understand why ISNE is the right fit for your agency.

Find out how participating in ISNE can provide consistent, stable, and enhanced compensation and help you plan more effectively for your agency’s future.

Learn more about the careful selection process agencies go through to become an ISNE participant and how to start the conversation with our membership team.

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