Get to Know ISNE

Learn more about our history and what we value most.

The Insurance Network Built by Agents for Agents

The Insurance Services of New England (ISNE) network was founded in 1999 by three well-respected insurance agency owners. These founders were passionate about solving the challenges that independent agents were facing. They wanted to create a business model in which like-minded agents could benefit from broader access to carriers, grow as a result of larger-scale bargaining power, and increase revenue and profits to their agencies.

ISNE has staying power and is still owned by the original families. Today, ISNE is a thriving network with 64 agency participants in 112 locations across Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. We have over 100 carrier relationships, with 31 preferred partners and an aggregated premium volume exceeding $1 billion.

When a group of agents with common goals and values works together, it brings sophistication and security to each agency’s operations. With the insurance industry under immense pressure, the ISNE alliance is poised to quickly pivot to address current and changing market conditions. Together, we can better solve the issues facing our participants today and ensure financial stability for their agencies’ futures.

If it’s the right time to explore the benefits of joining ISNE, give us a call. We can help take your business to a whole new level of independence.

How Do You Know ISNE Is the Right Network of Agencies for You?

If you share our core values and mindset.

We are Collaborative.

There’s nothing we can’t accomplish when we work together, which is why participants openly share information and expertise to help each other succeed.

We are Results-Driven.

ISNE’s primary goal has been, and will always be, supporting the consistent growth and profitability of all participating agencies.

We hold each other Accountable.

The Agency Performance Management approach rewards consistently profitable agencies and requires the improvement of an underperforming book by analyzing and supporting key performance indicators.

We are Inclusive.

Our culture is one of respect, camaraderie, and diversity, in which all participants are encouraged to engage, lead, and bring innovative ideas to the table.

We are Forward Thinkers.

Change management is in our DNA, and we are continuously making improvements and implementing strategies to expand market access and increase profitability.

We are a Community with Integrity.

Trust and transparency are the cornerstones of the strong relationships each participating agency has with their customers, ISNE’s carrier partners, and each other.

ISNE Milestones