Our Compensation Model

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Providing a Substantial Financial Benefit

ISNE’s compensation model is quite simple. As a participant in the network, you own the business you produce and receive 100% of your revenue. In addition, ISNE returns 100% of the network’s profit sharing, overrides, and incentives to its agencies. Historically, this framework has resulted in agencies improving their annual compensation factor by an average of 2% per year; for many, that is double what they typically receive.

Transparency, collaboration, and equality are the cornerstones of the ISNE compensation model. Every agency is aware of the network’s overall performance and the milestones that need to be met to achieve the highest levels of profitability and growth. By working together, combining resources, and openly sharing knowledge, ISNE agencies consistently reach and exceed shared and individual goals.

ISNE’s Compensation Model in Action

The ISNE compensation model was designed by agencies for agencies, and its enduring premise is to maximize revenues for all participants. Following are the main elements of our fiscal philosophy that have helped our network consistently generate the greatest value possible for agencies:

Agency Diversification

The diversity of ISNE’s agencies, from smaller agencies to midsized and larger ones, contributes to our growth and profitability goals.

Geographic Reach

Aggregating volume from agencies with best-in-class performance and across a variety of geographies equals the protection an agency seeks.

Selective Process

Nothing dictates future results better than past performance, which is why it takes historical proof of performance for an agency to qualify for ISNE.

Equality in Everything

All agencies are treated equally, which means, among other things, that every participant pays the same membership fee and, when contingency revenues are allocated, all agency contracts are the same.

Transparency Throughout

Participating agencies are regularly updated on ISNE’s overall financial performance and how that will impact their own agency revenue.

Performance Management Approach

Our structured management routines, which include working closely with our carrier partners to plan and forecast, are at the heart of our success.

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