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One of the first things we ask a prospective agency is, “What are you looking for in a network?” It could be increased revenues, access to new markets, being part of a peer group that shares best practices, or something else. The important thing is that we understand your objectives so we can better determine if ISNE is the right group to support these business goals.

The conversation begins with us getting to know everything about you and your agency. Our membership team expertly leads you step by step through the qualification process, making it as simple as possible. During this process, we commit to answering any questions you have and paying attention to what you tell us you need.

ISNE Qualifies New Agencies through a Selective Process to Ensure Participants Are Able to Contribute to Our High-Performing Results

Our Membership Sales Manager focuses on identifying, qualifying, and onboarding agencies. In some cases, the whole process may take as little as 30 days. However, we will spend as much time as needed to ensure ISNE is a good fit for you and you’re a good fit for the network. Following is a snapshot of what an agency can typically expect in the qualification process:

The Agency and ISNE Membership Sales Manager Have an Initial Conversation.

This initial discussion is a way for the agency and ISNE to gain some general knowledge about each other, including uncovering how participation might benefit the agency and the group.

Data Is Collected on the Agency’s Performance.

ISNE analyzes the agency’s premium distribution, growth, and profitability by collecting five years of production/loss reports for each company the agency is contracted with, along with book of business reports for Total Personal Lines and Total Commercial Lines.

A Detailed Experience Analysis Is Performed by ISNE.

ISNE reviews the agency data to understand the growth and profitability of the agency overall and of ISNE preferred partners and non-ISNE companies. To advance in the qualification process, an agency’s five-year average loss ratio must be 50% or less

ISNE Asks for Feedback from Member Agents and Industry Partners.

Getting insight from peers within the agency and company community helps to confirm that the agency’s leadership and operating styles are compatible with ISNE. It is crucial that the applying agency and ISNE have similar cultures, values, and standards.

The ISNE Membership Team Makes a Recommendation to the Executive Committee.

The application of the prospective participant is presented to the ISNE Executive Committee, which reviews and votes on whether to extend the agency an invitation to join.

The Agency Is Invited to Join ISNE.

If Executive Committee approval is gained, the agency will receive an invitation to join.

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Whether you’re looking to transition from your current network or considering joining one for the first time, it is important that we share all the information you need to make an informed decision to join ISNE.

Get answers to some of the most common questions agencies have about the ISNE network and understand why ISNE is the right fit for your agency.

Find out how participating in ISNE can provide consistent, stable, and enhanced compensation and help you plan more effectively for your agency’s future.

Explore the way ISNE’s annual agency performance planning process works and how it helps participants earn the greatest value possible.

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