ISNE participating principals have maintained close professional and personal relationships with one another for many years.  As a result, this dynamic group keeps each other well informed on market conditions and shares insurance carrier opportunities and ideas for each participant’s success and most importantly for the benefit of our clients.


ISNE members retain their individuality and operate independently as affiliates of the group, meeting quarterly to share ideas and learn from insurers and industry experts about new programs in each member’s areas of specialization.

ISNE is made up of 58 Agencies in 113 Locations across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.  Click below to access ISNE Agent websites.

The ISNE Network of Agents

A.F. Macedo Insurance Agency Inc.

AP Insurance Group

Austin Insurance Agency

Baldwin, Welsh & Parker Insurance Agencies, Inc.

Bell & Hudson Insurance Agency, Inc.

Benson, Young & Downs Insurance Agency, Inc.

Bettinson Insurance Agency, Inc.

Peter P. Briggs Insurance Agency, Inc.

Burr Insurance Agency, Inc.

Chase, Clarke, Stewart & Fontana

Cohen-Miles Insurance Agency, Inc.

Corkin Insurance Agency

Cuddy Insurance Agency

Daly Insurance

Dooley Insurance

DPS Insurance Group, Inc.

E.A. Stevens Company, Inc.

Elliot Whittier Insurance

Finck & Perras Insurance Agency, Inc.

Foy Insurance Group

Gallant Insurance Partnering with L.F. Robbins Insurance

Georgetown Insurance Agency, Inc.

Gilbert Insurance Agency, Inc.

Gilmore & Farrell Insurance Agency, Inc.

Goss & McLain Insurance, Inc.

Gove & Feldman Insurance Agency, Inc.

H.H. Warren Insurance Agency

Healy Brother Insurance Agency, Inc.

Hoffman Insurance

John A. Pierce Insurance Agency, Inc.

John J. Prudente Agency

Journeay Insurance Agency, Inc.

Kalivas Insurance Agency Inc.

Kapiloff Insurance

Knight-Dik Insurance Agency, Inc.

Lehrer & Madden Insurance

Linnane Insurance Agency

McCormick & Sons Insurance, Inc.

McGlynn, Clinton & Hall Insurance Agencies

McShea Insurance

McWalter Volunteer Insurance Agency

Michaud, Rowe & Rusack Insurance Associates, Inc.

Morse Insurance Agency, Inc.

MTM Insurance Associates, LLC

The Murphy Insurance Group

Nelligan Insurance Agency, INC

Nikopoulos Insurance Agency

Nolan Insurance Agency

Paul & Dixon Insurance

Philbin Insurance Group

Leslie S. Ray Insurance Agency

Sartori Insurance

Charles A. Slee Agency Inc.

Stanton Insurance Agency, Inc.

Sullivan Insurance & Financial Inc.

United Insurance

Waters Insurance Network

Whalen Insurance Agency

ISNE is geographically diverse spreading risk

Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.

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