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"Gallant Insurance Agency, Inc.  joined ISNE around the turn of the century.   It is the best business decision that I have ever made.  The advantages of being associated with 50+ committed insurance agencies are numerous.   Our relationship with our common companies has become more of a two way street and they truly appreciate and listen to our dialogues.  The Independent Insurance Agency System is best for the consumer.  It is best for like-minded agencies in partnership and it is best for the companies we represent.  The possibilities are endless."

~ Ray Gallant, President, Gallant Insurance Agency, Inc.


“My agency joined ISNE in June 2017 after doing about 18 months of research into all of the alliance offerings. There were other good options but ISNE was the best option. I preferred ISNE for the combination of professional management, heavy focus on agencies with lower than average loss ratios, franchise value, a central placement person for standard markets we don’t represent, and reputation amongst the carrier representatives. ISNE has a very low annual cost and provides the highest net return to its agency members."    

~ Jeff Foy, Vice President, Foy Insurance


"We joined ISNE in 2010 and it has been the best business decision we’ve ever made. Having a network of growth-minded colleagues has also been a great help in managing and growing our Agency. We have realized significantly more revenue, both direct commission and contingent income, than we ever could on our own. Best. Decision. Ever."

~ Steven P. Roy, CIC | Principal | Elliot Whittier Insurance Services, LLC


“Our agency joined ISNE in 2011. It was a decision based mostly on our desire to maximize our revenue with our carriers.   As it turns out, we have gained so much more from our ISNE relationship.   First, we have gained the knowledge base of over 50 agencies throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.  Valuable input that benefits our clients but also our management team.  Secondly, our relationships with our carriers has strengthened because it is one the most well run Network of Independent Insurance Agents in New England.  Carriers like doing business with us.  Lastly, centralized contract negotiations have increased our revenue and allowed us to focus on growing our business. "


~ Genevieve Brough, President, Finck & Perras Insurance Agency, Inc.


"MTM is proud to say that we have been members of ISNE since 2011 and joining this organization is the best business decision we ever made.  The agents that are members of ISNE are a valuable resource for us as they continually  provide advice on operations, employees and insurance markets. With a full time  Executive Director and an active Board, ISNE’s ability to negotiate contracts with companies, the geographical diversity of the members and our combined premium volume has increased our profits immensely. ISNE is by far the most well run aggregation in New England and I wholeheartedly recommend joining."


~ Cindy Traverso, Managing Member, MTM Insurance Associates, LLC


“Joining ISNE was one of the single most important decisions about our agency's future that we have ever made."

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